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Chamoy Rim

Chamoy Rim

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      No LEIBAR cocktail mixer is complete without their good friend, Chamoy Rim. With the LEIBAR Chamoy Rim, we use Chamoy and add our own spin to it by adding a little bit of sugar to accompany the already salty taste of the Chamoy. We have two options available, our LEIBAR Mild for our Chamoy lovers that rather not get heart burn or our LEIBAR Spicy for our spice lovers.  

*All rims come with 6 oz of selected mixture

*Rims do not come shipped with a ice pack but they are shipped with an airtight lid to ensure freshness

 Standard shipping is offered for free on all orders! Shipping usually takes about 1-2 days. All orders are shipping with thermal packaging to ensure the freshness of the juices, rims, mixes, and garnishes.

Allow 1-3 days for us to process your order, thank you for your understanding- LEIBAR

**Not sold with alcohol 


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